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Don't Trust the Light by Lady-of-Link Don't Trust the Light by Lady-of-Link
Warning! the following contains spoilers to Kid Icarus: Uprising!
Take care before reading, thanks!

Oh dear! More chapter 18 art.

I'm actually pretty pleased with the results of this picture. The little girls hand is pretty odd, and maybe her feet too. Maybe the background is lazily designed as well as Pittoo's arm looking out of place, but I still like it~

I hope you find something you like too :heart:

If anyone is interested, you can watch the coloring sped up on my tumblr:… (it's a bit long, 8 minutes)
I had fun with coloring the little Pit and the light from the sky :giggle:

Those who have played this far in the game, are probably wondering why I put Pittoo in the picture, since he makes no appearance in the actual level. When I posted this sketch on tumblr. I actually had to explain to a few who asked why I had him there, so the rest is just my own opinion and explanation. Feel free to ignore!

I kind of like to think Pittoo is who 'lost' Pit, causing the little girl to find him. Like, after he realized he was affected by Pit's spirit being sealed away, he broke into Palutena's temple, found the ring of chaos, and tried to revive Pit. Unable to do so at that time, he then decides to cut his losses and flees with the ring and Pit's spirit.

Perhaps while escaping, he was even pursued by Pit's body and attacked, causing him to fall from the sky to the overworld, dropping the ring in the process. Maybe that's even why Pit's body and the centurions were attacking that specific town nearby the place the ring of chaos lay. 'Palutena' thought Pittoo was hiding out in the town to lose her. certainly 'Palutena' would want to recover the spirit of the one person who could stand against her.

'course he'd never tell Pit he was trying to save him, even if it was just to save himself.

end Maggie's dumb and wrong theories
...why did you read all that?!!

turning comments off because I am tired of people trying to correct my head cannon with their head cannons, and having to repeat myself XD

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