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This is old, so please respect and take into mind that I was learning how to make these kinds of dress ups as well as art in flash at this time. There are many things wrong with this, but I still hope you were able to get some enjoyment out of it!

let it load please!! thank you! :floating: and there is so much writing so you have something to do while it loads! :slow: poor Jon has a loading bar on his face!

[link] to the image I used for the loading screen (some of you might remember it even)

soooo >> I was at work, and now that the holidays have passed, I've finally been assigned back to my regular places...well one of the kids came up to me, and asked if I finished the Wind Waker fanfic based dress-up game I promised to make them for Christmas

=_= I felt so bad for forgetting about for the past three days I worked on this strait....probably not a good idea for me to do, especially with the list of things I need to finish soon.

oh, and don't mind how terrible Tetra and Zelda came out....I mainly added them because I ran out of main female characters....and the Backgrounds are terrible as I hope no one minds them...

I tried to add better quality to the music, and it worked on some of the songs....but that is why the file size is so large, I apologize for that. oh! and the lyrics are for the song Kazenone.

well, I tried to make something nice...even if it doesn't look like it ^^; hope you can enjoy it anyway! let me know if you find anything wrong, OK?

one more thing :paranoid: I hope no one is too touchy about adding a Twili skin in (only for lady) it's not like you really see anything from them for Midna and Zant the whole race is naked >>

->EDIT<- turned comments off, no one is saying anything I haven't already been told about this at this point.

fan made for free entertainment do not redistribute for profit.

all music is (c) to their respected owners and creators
Zelda and Tetra both are Nintendo's characters
Rio is ~cocolin's character
lady is my own
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January 6, 2008
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