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Uprising spoilers! Ring of Chaos by Lady-of-Link Uprising spoilers! Ring of Chaos by Lady-of-Link
:star: Warning, the following contains spoilers to Kid Icarus: Uprising Read at your own risk!

oh, by the way. Drew another picture for this chapter, that I like better than this one
Maybe you will too?


Had this picture finished for awhile D:> forgot about it until I was looking back on my tumblr. posts. I still like it so I figured I could post it up hear.

the background is kind of ugly...

Probably confusing for people who have not played Uprising yet >_> sorry. I'll explain~
At some point in the game, Pit simply awakens to find himself a ring. With no memory of what happened after the end of the previous chapter. After a little girl puts on the ring, he gains control of her body. The ring changes hands to a dog, and eventually Magnus before fighting through attacking centurions and his spiritless body, returning to his true self.

If you want to see what I mean, you can watch it~ [link]

I sort of took a different approach to this though. The little girl loses the ring before you get into the town under attack by centurions and Pit's body. They do that probably because the centurions would all shoot at the girl, and then Magnus couldn't drop the "YOU DA ENAAAAMEEE O MANKIND" bomb on Pit.
Plus, I got her design ALL WRONG.

Still, my favorite chapter in the game.

anyone else who played the game thinks the little girl looks an awful lot like the girl that Hades orphaned by running over with his distracted chariot driving? he shouldn't have been doing his hair. How perfect would that be??

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