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you can play with it from the start, but the songs will need to load before some of them can play

sorry everyone :hug: a file of this size SHOULD have a preloader, but when i made it some 3-4 months ago, I didn't know how to include one .....I would have added one now, but i don't know how to insert something to play/load BEFORE an already created scene

anyway, to continue the 4 'dress up games' I made for the children's computers....I made a less WW inspired game. first one: [link] second one: [link]

this one was less about the cloths, and more about the fun extra stuff you can pack in. (though i didn't add much) you have 5 songs to pick from (very poor quality) and 3 extra things to find. (not that hard to.)

oh...and it reads "This is really starting to tick me off"'ll know what i mean when you get there....

not much cloths to chose from though.... but every costume up is something that Pippy wears sometime in my fanfic ^^ oh, and from what I've seen the kids can make her look really pretty, really tough....or really trampy :XD:

->EDIT<- turned comments off, no one is saying anything I haven't already been told about this at this pont.

Music credit!!
:star: Corneria(SNES version), Zones(SF64), Main tittle theme of Star Fox(SSBM orchestra) and Star Wolf(Star Fox assaults) are all (c) to Nintendo and their original composers!
:star: Chocobo's theme (FFIX version) is (c) to Square-Enix and it's original composer.
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May 12, 2007
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